Treatment Philosophy

Manual manipulation

Also known as Diversified Technique. This includes hands on adjusting and drop table adjusting for optimal spinal alignment and movement.

Extremity adjusting

Upper and lower extremity adjusting to correct misalignments and treat sports injuries. The methods of adjusting include manual hands on adjusting, drop table, and activator.

Applied Kinesiology

Manual muscle testing and meridian therapy to localize specific areas in the body that need to be treated for optimal alignment and wellbeing.

Cold LASER therapy

Infrared light therapy that is used to treat acute and chronic conditions. In an acute injury it helps to reduce edema and swelling while disrupting the current pain cycle. In a chronic issue it is best used to decrease inflammation and dull pain.

Customized homecare and exercise program

What patients do when they are not in Dr. Formo's office is just as important as the treatment she gives them in her office, in working together to correct the current issue, and resolving the cause to their condition. Dr. Formo is very big on homecare and helps her patient’s understand the importance of the exercises that she may give them. She also has her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, which allows her to design customized exercise programs for active individuals, athletes, or people just starting out with exercise.


Supplement recommendations

General health and wellness supplementation, vitamin deficiency treatment, sports performance, and specific organ and gland insufficiency treatment.

Food sensitivity testing

Determining whether specific foods have an adverse affect on a body, therefore making you sensitive, and not allowing all the internal workings of the body to function at their optimal level. The most common food sensitivities include sugar, wheat, dairy, soy, corn, nuts, and eggs.

Hormone balancing & Blood sugar regulation

Saliva testing helps us determine baseline levels of the major hormones and adrenal gland function. Treatment includes supplementation, bioidenical hormones, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.

Weight loss & Weight management programs

Diet and exercise counseling, with heavy emphasis on nutrition. It is Dr. Formo's belief that changing your body composition whether losing fat or gaining lean muscle tissue is 80% diet, 10% exercise, and 10% genetics. Customized nutritional plans with individualized calculated daily caloric needs and goals, as well as routine weight, body fat, and circumference measurements to track a patient’s progress.

Specialized diet programs

Athletes have different nutritional needs than the average active individual. Proper diet to support maximum energy and effort levels, and injury prevention foods are critical to have on an athlete’s plate.

Applied Kinesiology

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (“AK”) is a diagnostic technique based on traditional Chinese Medicine, in which every muscle in the body is related to an organ, gland, or acupuncture meridian. Through testing specific muscles, the doctor can locate structural, biochemical, and emotional dysfunction in the body, and identify the proper method of correction. AK incorporates chiropractic manipulation, clinical nutrition, acupuncture meridian therapy, and sacro-occipital techniques. 

As mentioned above, the three basic factors responsible for optimal health are structure, biochemistry, and emotions. These factors comprise an equilateral triangle called the “Triad of Health.” If one side of the triangle becomes deficient, poor health is a result. Dr. Formo will utilize Applied Kinesiology techniques to evaluate their patients’ body function. Only by carefully observing all sides of the equilateral triangle can the total person be treated. 

Health and Wellness

The total concept of optimal health and wellness is achieved when all three sides of the triangle are in balance with each other. When there is a constant structural problem, it may influence the person’s emotions.  Emotions affect the digestive system, which interferes with the normal digestion of food a person eats; because of this, the chemical side of the triangle becomes involved and a nutritional deficiency may develop. Muscle weakness may result, which then increases the structural strain, again completing the vicious circle.